Head and Neck Pain?

Do you Have Chronic Face, Head and Neck Pain?

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Face, Head, or Neck Pain. Causes and Treatments.
So do you or have you ever experienced face, head, or neck pain? If you have, then trust me, you’re not alone. So let’s start with head and face pain. What could cause head and face pain? Well, there are a few things that could cause these types of pains.

Headache is one and also if you maybe have some kind of underlying infection or even problems with your teeth, jaw, or neck. We also can’t rule out nerve disorders and some chronic conditions you may have can cause pain in the face or head.

So what kind of symptoms should we be aware of when it come this type of pain? There might be nausea, numbness, or tingling involved in this type of pain. Some common causes for head and face pain could be a few things. Migraine and tension headaches and also a condition called myofascial pain syndrome, neuralgia and maybe TMJ.

So how could one treat head or face pain? Treating these types of pain could involve different methods depending on the severity of the issue. They could be categorized as mild, less invasive to more aggressive. There are a few treatments available for treating head and face pain. They may include oral or topical medicines, Botox, nerve blocks, acupuncture, biofeedback, or electrical nerve stimulation. If you live in Michigan, you may choose Physical Therapy in Troy MI, most specifically, JC Physical Therapy.

So what about neck pain? Well, there could be a number of reasons for neck pain. One of the most common is muscle tension and straining.

We may not even think of it but posture plays a big factor when we think of muscle tension and straining. Also if you work at a desk job and remain in the same position for prolonged periods of time, this could cause neck pain.

We don’t want to forget about our sleeping habits either. Sleeping with your neck in an awkward position may cause neck pain as well. Exercise can also be contributing factor when it comes to neck pain. If you exercise, try not to make sudden jerky movements to your neck as this could cause you to have neck pain.

Injury can also be a cause of neck pain. The neck is prone to get injured easily especially if the ligaments and muscles are moving irregularly. Also there could be neck injury caused by sudden movements of the head which is commonly called, whiplash.

Heart attack could be another cause for neck pain. Other symptoms regarding heart attack could include shortness of breath, pain in the arm or jaw, vomiting, or sweating. So if your neck hurts and you are experiencing other heart attack related symptoms, don’t hesitate to call an ambulance or go to the emergency room.

One other reason for neck pain which you may well not even think of is meningitis. When people have meningitis, they will often have fever and headache which could lead to eventual neck pain. So be aware.