What Car Lovers Love About Cars

What Car Lovers Love About Cars

by maorbolongo on

Love, companionship, longing and even jealousy are feeling that surrounds car lovers when it comes to cars. The feelings are usually so real despite the fact that the car does not have a heart. I’m sure car lovers will agree with me that the relationship that they have in their real life isn’t that different with the relationship they have with their cars.

One of the reasons that standout when it comes to why car lovers love car is freedom and independence, in that they can go wherever they want anytime without anyone standing on their way. To other car lovers, cars are a form of rolling art and beauty which they want to be part of. For some, they are more interested in mechanical and electrical achievement where they are interested in learning more about how the car operates. In this article, we shall discuss some of the reasons why car lovers love cars.

  • Freedom

Cars usually provide some sort of freedom especially to the car lovers, I’m sure you will agree with me that the moment you got your driving licenses so many things changed in your life since you were able to break the bond of being dependent. Car lovers usually view getting car keys and a driving license as a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood.

  • Puzzle Solving

Our brains are wired in such a way that we need to solve puzzles once in a while, remember puzzles are not limited to Sudoku or AskScience, a puzzle can even involve closing and opening the fridge door to see whether the light remains on. However, for the car lovers, they prefer solving puzzles that involve cars, for instance, figuring out why his Subaru is cranking but not turning over. For car lovers diagnosing a car is much more than simple troubleshooting, to them, it is a puzzle work. Car lovers rarely pin blame on the obvious, instead, they examine every possible scenario where they trace every overlapping and conflicting lead. The difference between the other people and the car lovers is that the car lovers enjoy diagnosing their car since they see it as solving a puzzle while the other people see it as a bother.

  • Bonding

The other reason why car lovers love car is that car help in bonding since it has an environment that is very conducive for friends and family to bond. One of the easiest ways to know and understand a new friend is having a long trip in a car since it gives you a chance to get a closer glimpse of their real personality. The car also has several details and features that can perfectly act as a conversation fodder.

  • Status/Personality

By looking at the car you are driving, someone can simply tell how you view yourself and that why it is always recommendable that you choose a car that reflects your personality. For instance, the adventurous and the bold may prefer Subaru Outback while those who are concerned with the environment they may prefer the Toyota Prius.

  • With Cars, You Never Stop Learning

Motor vehicles especially the one produced nowadays are very complex which means they create a chance for the car lovers to learn about the cars and how they are evolving. Car lovers have a thirst to learn about transmissions, aerodynamics, and differentials. The internet has made learning about vehicles more simple and enjoyable since all information about cars that one may need is available on youtube. The good thing with car lovers is that they like to share information and teach the new car lovers.

  • Cars are Objects of Art

This is one fact that does not merit a debate, over the years cars have been works of arts, for instance, if you come across the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 or the 2016 Ford GT, they will definitely get your attention. This is because of their perfectly crafted contours and curves.

As I conclude, cars are among the world most loved items, however, most people love driving before they love a specific car. What happens is as you explore the speed of the car and disconnect from the confines of the human body you get an unfiltered connection you feel as if the car is talking to you since it perfectly obeys your wish or command and that is when you fall in love with the car.